Dutch Doors & Bale Doors

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  • 2 x 6 White Pine styles, Rails, X-bucks over 5 ply panel back

  • Built in stepped center closure

  • Unit dimensions: 511/2” x861/4

  • Economy with durability

  • Door options prehung or not

  • Decorative Hardware Package

    Dutch Door

  • pg18woodductchdoor
    Shown with optional T&G – 2 x 6 White Pine; Decorative Hardware Package; Pre-Hung with brick mold jamb

     This unique, 2-piece door not only provides an ideal  entrance to your stable but can serve as an exterior stall door. Your horse will enjoy plenty of light, ventilation, and viewing as well as easy access to and from the paddock. Our unique “weather-protector” closure design (inset) helps eliminate drafts. The upper section (4’x 3’) is also available with grill bars and/or weather-tight 1/4 Plexiglass.
    Pre-hung option available.


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