Ridge Vents / Closure Strips

HPcatalog 2.15_Page_74_Image_0003
All New
• Lower profile
• Non obtrusive appearance
• Fits all ridge caps
• Two full beads of M63 adhesive
• Screw bed for permanent installation

Existing benefits
• 2″ Closure for better seal
• Excellent wind driven rain barrier
• Excellent pest barrier
• Easy one-person installation
• Fits all major metal panel profiles


3/4″ Rib Low Profile
Part# CL-6587RVLP

R-Panel Low Profile
Part# CL-6477RVLP


Part# CLI-6587A20
HPcatalog 2.15_Page_74_Image_00023/4″ Rib Profile –
9″ OC Inside Glued

Part# CLI-6477A20
HPcatalog 2.15_Page_74_Image_0001
1 1/4″ R-Panel Profile –
12″ OC Inside Glued

Part# CLO-6587A20

3/4″ Rib Profile – 9″ OC Outside Glued
*For outside only Part#

Part# CLO-6477A20

1 1/4″ R-Panel Profile – 12″ OC Outside Glued
*For outside only Part#

* Use this number and price if not ordering a matching quantity of inside rib material.

RTV Silicone Adhesives / Sealants
C-910/G91S General Purpose Sealant

HPcatalog 2.15_Page_74_Image_0004Our hottest selling, multi-purpose, 100% RTV silicone sealant. Formulated to perform over a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications where both quality and economy are prerequisites. Excellent around the home as well as in industrial applications.

Seals doors, windows, gutters, siding, vents, faucets, baths, showers, sinks and tile. Forms a tack-free skin within 15 to 20 minutes.

Colors Available: Clear or White

Part #s
MC-200000 White
MC-200003 Clear