A2 J-Trim Door

HPcatalog 2.15_Page_46_Image_0002J-TRIM DESIGN

  • Full J-Trim frame assembly for easy installation.
  • Frame has built in face board and door stop.
  • Pre-finished aluminum frame requires no
  • Exclusive inner lock design puts frame on inside of door panel for quality commercial appearance.


  • HPcatalog 2.15_Page_46_Image_0003
    WINDOWS – Vinyl replacement, new construction & entrance door windows available.

    Full 1-3/8″ thick fully insulated steel panel

  • Wrap-around design gives commercial look to panel
  • Available in white only
  • Economy and durability
  • 2-3/4″ backset standard
  • Low maintenance (no painting)
  • Fixed-pin hinges
  • Pre-hung
  • Nylon lockset insert eliminates lockset loosening – no wood block to deteriorate or absorb moisture
  • 26 Ga. skins
  • Double door with astragal
non-collapsible nylon lockset insert •Eliminates lockset loosening •No wood block to deteriorate or absorb moisture
• Eliminates lockset loosening
• No wood block to deteriorate or absorb moisture


  • Windows
  • Stainless steel roller bearing hinges
  • Dead bolt lockset
  • Door closer
  • 24 Ga. skins